Hello Parents! What a beautiful weekend it was. I wish the weather was like this all year! Please remember to continue filling out the daily attestations upon arrival.

We are continuing with theme 1 “Ready for school” and starting unit 4 titled “Getting Along”. BIG Idea: I know how to share, and I care about the feelings of others. Knowledge Focus: Children learn the expectations, routines, and behaviors of school. Social-Emotional focus: cooperation. The theme vocabulary words include: cooperate, share and turns. Math vocabulary words include: less, more and same.

We will be learning the letter Bb, color pink, triangle and number 4. We will be reading the books “The Little Red Hen” and another story similar to compare the two, “How Many Can Play?” and “My Friends”. We will also be reading the Firefighter Scholastic weekly reader in honor of fire safety week! We will discuss why fire safety is so important and how to keep us safe in the event of an emergency.

For Jesus time, we will continue to sing the song “Jesus Loves Me” and discuss the story of Abraham. We will start a new snack and lunch time prayer which is “God is good. God is great and we thank him for our food”. We will continue to recite this for the next upcoming months.

We will start discussing farm animals this week and pumpkins! We will take a deeper look at pumpkins such as how they decompose, how heavy they are and what they look/feel like on our science table. More farm animal and October/pumpkin crafts will soon be displayed on Classdojo.


Art: Wednesday from 10:40 – 11:20

Gym: Thursday from 9:57 – 10:37

I will be sending home homework packets on Monday which will be due back the following Monday. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me on our Class Dojo app or via email at atodisco@trinityli.com. All communications from me will be posted on Class Dojo.

Have a wonderful week!