Jennifer Forte, Principal, [email protected]

Seleena Seemangal, Early Childhood Director, [email protected]

Robert Stainkamp, Admissions Director, [email protected]

Maureen DeGennaro, School Administrative Assistant[email protected]

Doris Gargan, Finance Director, [email protected]

Angela Schoenstein, RNNurse, [email protected]


ECC Faculty

Ashley Todisco,  Pre-K Teacher, [email protected]

Yvette Maldonado, Pre-K Teacher’s Assistant, [email protected]

Susan Agosta, Nursery Teacher, [email protected]

Chrystal Moraitis, Nursery Teacher, [email protected]

Mary Scelzi, Nursery Teacher, [email protected]

Punam Bajwa, Nursery Teacher’s Assistant, [email protected]

Kelly Madden, Nursrey Teacher’s Assistant, [email protected]

Theresa Rotondi, Nursery Teacher’s Assistant, [email protected]

Christine Pepitone, Toddler Teacher, [email protected]

Lindsay Pascuita, Toddler Teacher’s Assistant, [email protected]


K-5 Faculty

Kindergarten: Danielle Vollono, [email protected]

Grade 1: Maria DeGennaro, [email protected]

Grade 2: Antonia Ryan, [email protected]

Grade 3: Nancy Perovich, [email protected]

Grade 4: Jamie Stainkamp, [email protected]

Grade 5: Karen Lively, [email protected]


Middle School Faculty

Amy Llanos, [email protected]

Jennifer Gallo, [email protected]

Jennifer Forte, [email protected]

Erika Skoch, [email protected]

Robert Stainkamp, [email protected]

Cristina Smith, [email protected]


School Specialty Faculty and Staff

Henry DeVries, Classroom Music (K-6), Middle School Chorus, [email protected]

Ellen Kerwin, Art, [email protected]

Carol Komarnicki, Learning Center, [email protected]

William Mallon, Physical Education/Athletic Director,[email protected]

Robert Stainkamp, Instrumental Music, [email protected]

Laura Philbin, Instrumental Music, [email protected]


To see an organizational flow chart of our church and school, click here.