Mission and Philosophy

“Trinity Lutheran School’s mission is to provide a Christ-centered education, from early childhood through middle school, where diversity and enthusiasm for learning are celebrated.”

We believe Trinity Lutheran School exists in response to God’s command to educate His children. We believe a full-time parochial school is the best way to educate God’s children. Therefore, the members of Trinity Lutheran Church have accepted their responsibility by establishing and maintaining a full-time parochial school for its members and the community.
We believe Trinity Lutheran School is an extension of the home. It is only through cooperation between the home and school that an effective Christian education takes  place.
We believe the uniqueness of our school lies in the fact that Christian education embraces all aspects of a child’s development. The spiritual development of the child is integrated into the entire school program. We believe Trinity Lutheran School must provide and does provide academic opportunities of high quality in all scholastic areas.
We believe that the strength of the school lies in God working through His teachers. Each of these teachers, dedicated to the total growth of the child, helps each child to develop the concepts and values necessary for a successful adult life. Excellence is achieved through the individual leadership of each teacher, serving as a Minister of Christ, and in the unified efforts of the entire staff, working towards the common goal of elevating Christ to the focal position in our educative process.