Health: This course is offered in 7th grade. Students learn about bullying prevention, the effects of drugs and alcohol, and nutrition.

Technology: Grades 6 – 8:  Students learn how to apply basic computer skills to other content areas. Students work on guided projects that connect across the curriculum. Some of the projects students are given include: An Endangered Animal Research Project (Google Slides), Creative Poem Writing (Google Docs), Balancing a Monthly Budget (Google Sheets), Create a Ringtone (Audacity), Create a Digital Mosaic (Andrea Mosaic) and Write a Formal Letter (Google Docs). We feel that by having students explore, and learn hands on how to use these programs that they will become not only more skilled at using various computer programs, but also gain additional knowledge through their projects to make them a more well-rounded student. 7th Grade focuses on a multi-month project where students design and plan their own fictitious restaurant from the ground up. They create a business model, help wanted ads, and marketing materials as part of this project.

Art: Grades 6 – 8:  Art education is an integral element of our total learning program at Trinity Lutheran School. The art program is aligned with the New York State Visual Arts Standards.  Students are introduced to the styles and techniques of artists from the past and present. The students are exposed to a variety of media and tools and are instructed how to use them. Each student is encouraged to explore the materials and create their own original piece of art. It is our goal at Trinity for all students to find success and to encourage and cultivate a life-long love, respect and appreciation for the Visual Arts.

General Music: Grade 6:  Students continue to build on the basics of musical literacy, history and appreciation. Students also learn to play soprano recorders to assist in their musical literacy.

Instrumental Music: Students participate in the band program playing one of a variety of Brass, Woodwind, or Percussion instruments. Students perform for the Christmas and Spring Concerts as well as the Hicksville Memorial Day Parade.

Physical Education: Grades 6 – 8:  Physical Education is provided to students twice a week and aligned with New York State guidelines. This course provides students the opportunity to learn through a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive sequentially planned physical education program. The content standards emphasize working cooperatively to achieve a common goal. The focus of this course is the development of movement skill combinations and movement skill knowledge; the assessment and maintenance of physical fitness to improve health and performance, and the application of psychological and sociological concepts, including self-responsibility, positive social interaction, and group dynamics, in the learning and performance of physical activity.