Earth Science:  The test on Chapter 1 is Tuesday 10/5.  A review sheet was completed in class last week.  This week we will begin Chapter 2 learning about maps and why they are important.  There will be a quiz Friday on section 2.1.

Physical Science:  This week we will be starting Chapter 2.  In this chapter we will be learning all about matter and what it is made up of.  We will be learning how to use a graduated cylinder and how to find density.  There will be a quiz Friday on section 2.1.

Life Science:  The quiz on section 2.2 will be on Wednesday.  The test on Chapter 2 will be on Wednesday 10/13.  A review sheet will be given out in class this week.  In class this week we will be researching an animal and creating a flyer of its characteristics and what makes it a living thing.

Living Environment:  The quiz on Chapter 3 is Tuesday 10/5.  This week we will discussing climate, niches, community interactions as well as biomes and succession.  In lab this week we will be learning all about surface tension and cohesion with a lab called Drops on A Penny.  The Unit 2 exam will be the week of 10/25.  The review guide has already been posted on the classroom.