Physical Education    Soccer/Foot Skills Unit

In our current soccer unit with the early elementary students (K-2) we are learning the footwork and loco motor skills. These loco motor skills include different movements such as skipping, sliding balancing and personal awareness. The students are learning the skills to kick a soccer ball and cooperatively working with their peers. The upper elementary students (3-5) are learning the basic skills of soccer and how to utilize them in a game mode. The skills of dribbling, ball movement and positioning are utilized as they become used during game play.

Grades 6-8

The middle school students are utilizing the soccer skills and strategies of how to become successful during game play. The students are utilizing the physical skills along with their cooperative skills such as communicating and creating strategies with their teammates.

Health Education 7th Grade

We are covering health and wellness in our daily lives. The students are learning how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to make positive choices. We are taking a look at our goals in the short term and long term and recognizing how high risk behaviors can effect these goals.