We are off to a good start. Your students are getting used to fifth grade procedures and routines. Here’s a summary of what is going on:

Spelling: Words from Frindle. Test Friday
Reading: We are reading Frindle by Andrew Clements. It’s a wonderful book about a boy who creates a new word. Ask your student about it. Test upon completion.
Writing: We are finishing Bio Poems and filling out an ‘All About Me’ chart.
Religion: We will be exploring prayer for a few weeks. Test upon completion.
Math: Ch. 1: Place value, Multiplication, and Expressions.
Quiz; 10/1, test 10/2
S.S : We are getting aquanted with our textbook this week.
Science: We are exploring the scientific method this week. Next week we will be completing an activity with the sixth grade using the steps in the scientific method.
Please be sure you complete the parent homework of introducing me to your child in a letter or email as soon as you are able.
Please be sure the summer reading assignment, Wonder book report, is turned in as soon as possible. It was due 9/10.
Thank you for getting the needed supplies. I look forward to a year of learning and laughter.
Mrs. Lively