I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed Palm Sunday!

Joke of the Week: What do you call a cold dog?

Song of the Week- The Commission by CAIN

Language Arts- This week we will review Unit 7 of our Wonder’s series. We will review our sight words – look, have, they, of, said & want and various letters and their sounds. We will continue to blend sounds and determine the missing sounds in CVC words and count how many words in a sentence.

We will do Easter crafts, Easter themed work and have an egg hunt!

Language Arts Centers- This weeks centers will be sight words and word families.

Math- This week we will review addition and subtraction problems and have our test on Tuesday.

Math Centers- We will do addition and subtraction problems.

Jesus Time- We will continue to discuss the Easter Story and watch videos to reinforce what we read.

Science: This week we will learn about eggs and what is in side of them and we will also dye eggs!

I hope everyone has a great short week and enjoys the Easter break!

Answer: A chili dog!