I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather this weekend!

Joke of the Week: What do you get when you cross a snail with a porcupine?

Song of the Week-  Old Church Choir by Zach Williams

Language Arts- This week we will begin Unit 9 of our Wonder’s series. Our essential question is, What can you do to help out at home? & we will read, Peter’s Chair. We will learn sight words – help & too and focus on the long a sounds. We will continue to determine the missing sounds in CVC words, count how many words in a sentence and read in small groups and have reading homework. We will continue to review all the different word families and in grammar, we will learn about adjectives, we will use colors to describe nouns.

Language Arts Centers- This weeks centers will be reading and CVC words.

Math- This week we will begin Module 15- Describe Positions of Objects.

Math Centers- We will work on identifying 3D shapes and their positions.

Jesus Time- We have completed the whole New Testament of the Bible! Now we will go back to the Old Testament and read the stories we did not get to finish before we jumped to Jesus’s birth for Christmas and Easter.

Science: This week will continue to keep and eye on our seeds that we planted! We will continue to water them and keep them by the sun to help them grow! We will also learn about how seeds can make different plants, vegetables and fruits. Our caterpillars have been in their chrysalis’s so we are patiently waiting for them to go though metamorphosis and come out as butterflies!

Answer: A slowpoke!

WINGO is this Friday, May 3rd! Hope to see you there! Have a great week!