I hope everyone had a great weekend, hopefully we are nearing some warmer weather!

Joke of the Week: Where do cows go on Friday nights?

Song of the Week- Sunday Sermon by Anne Wilson

Language Arts- This week we will begin Unit 7 of our Wonder’s series. Our essential question is, How are some animals alike and how are they different? & we will read,  “ZooBorns!”.  We will learn sight words – have & for and we will focus on the long and short u sounds. We will continue to blend sounds and determine the missing sounds in CVC words. We will also continue to review word families, with the short a, e, i, o sounds and introduce the short u word family words, Ex. -up, -ut, -un and more. In grammar, we will learn about verbs.

Language Arts Centers- This weeks centers will be word families and verbs.

Math- This week we will begin Module 11– Add To and Take From Within 10.

Math Centers- We will do addition and subtraction problems.

Jesus Time- We will continue to read about Jesus growing up and all the wonderful stories he told and miracles he preformed. We will also continue to discuss Lent and what that church season means.

Science: This week we will dive into Mystery Science spring weather and rainbows.

Social Studies:  We will discuss St. Patrick’s Day and what that holiday entails.

Have a great week!

Answer: To the Moo-vies!