I hope everyone had a nice weekend and made it through that cold cold Saturday!

Joke of the Week: What did the snowflake say to the road?

Song of the Week- Reason by Unspoken

Language Arts- This week we will finish Unit 5 of our Wonder’s series. Our essential question is, What kinds of things grow on a farm? and we will read, An Orange in January. We will learn two new sight words – with and he and we will focus on the letter Ii and the long and short e sound and letters f & r. We will continue to blend sounds and determine the missing sounds in CVC words. We will also continue word families, beginning with the short a sound ex. -ap, -an, ab, -ad and more. In grammar, we will continue to learn about pronouns.

Language Arts Centers- This weeks centers will be word families and sight words.

Math- This week we will complete Module 8 – Represent Numbers 6 to 10 With a Written Numeral. Our math test will be on Wednesday.

Math Centers- We will practice counting, filling in 10 pens for numbers up to 10.

Jesus Time- We will continue to read about Jesus growing up and all the wonderful stories he told and miracles he preformed.

Science: This week we will dive into Mystery Science and learn about all the different kinds of weather.

Have a great week!

Answer: Let’s stick together.