Joke of the Week: What time of day was Adam created?

Language Arts- We are continuing to learn in our Journeys Language Arts book, Lesson 3. Each day we open with identifying beginning sounds, rhyming, counting syllables, and counting words in a sentence. This week we will review letters Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr and Ss. This week our essential question is: Why do people have to take care of their pets? We will read “I Have a Pet!” and “Please, Puppy, Please”. As we read our stories this week we will focus on understanding characters, conclusions, and predicting.

Our new sight word this week is “the”, we will learn how to say it, spell it, and most importantly identify it throughout the stories we read, worksheets we complete and sentences we make. Last week we were learning that words that name people and places are nouns and this week we will learn that words that name things and animals are also nouns. We will identify different people, places, things and animals and label them as nouns.

We will also have our third assessment on Journey’s Lesson 3 on Friday. The children did a great job on the last assessment!

Math- We will continue in our GoMath book- Chapter 1: Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 0-5. Together we will show what we know and re-learn numbers 0 through 5. We will count, write, and create ten pens (ten frames) using numbers 0-5.

Science- We will be discussing fall/autumn and the changes that take place outside along with the clothing, fruits, vegetables, and temperature!

Jesus Time- We are diving into Ms. Vollono’s children’s Bible and reading such fun stories, completing crafts, activities, and watching videos to enjoy the stories! This week we will read about The Tower of Babel and Father Abraham.

Can’t wait for another great week!

Answer: A little before Eve!