I hope everyone had a nice long weekend and enjoyed seeing some snow!

Joke of the Week: What did one plate say to the other?

Song of the Week- Sunday Sermons by Anne Wilson

Language Arts- This week we will begin Unit 5 of our Wonder’s series. Our essential question is, What do living things need to grow? We will read, My Garden. We will learn the sight word ‘with’. We will focus on the letter Hh, the long and short i sound and the sound ‘sh’ and ‘th’ makes. We will continue to blend sounds to make a word and identifying the middle sounds in words. In grammar, we will learn about subjective pronouns, replacing a persons name, animals, or objects with he, she, it.

Language Arts Centers- This weeks centers will be CVC words and sight words.

Math- This week we will begin Chapter 9 – Use the Count Sequence to Count to 100.

Math Centers- We will practice counting up to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s.

Jesus Time- We will continue to read about Jesus growing up and all the wonderful stories he told and miracles he preformed.

Science: This week we will dive into Mystery Science and learn about the Ice Age!

Have a great week!

Answer: Dinner is on me!