I hope everyone had a great weekend! We have a short week ahead! No school on Thursday or Friday of this week!

Joke of the Week: Why can’t a leopard hide?

Song of the Week-  Gotta Live by Tedashii & Jordan Feliz!

Language Arts- This week we will review sight words and learn one new sight word – will and review our vowel sounds. We will continue to determine the missing sounds in CVC words, count how many words in a sentence and read in small groups and have reading homework.

Language Arts Centers- This weeks centers will be reading and CVC words.

Math- This week we will begin Chapter 17- Place Value Foundations: Represent Numbers to 20.

Math Centers- We will practice numbers to 20.

Jesus Time- We have completed the whole New Testament of the Bible! Now we will go back to the Old Testament and read the stories we did not get to finish before we jumped to Jesus’s birth for Christmas.

Social Studies: We will read a story and do a Scholastic to learn about Memorial Day!

Science: We have continued to water our plants and they will be sent home on Tuesday!

Answer: Because he’s always spotted!

Have a great week!