I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! We back in full swing this week. Here are the updates.

6th Religion

In religion this week, we will learn about the Israelite entry into the Promised Land. We will learn about the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River and then the Battle of Jericho. The memory verse this week is Isaiah 55:8. The quiz is on Friday.

6th Social Studies

On Monday, the students will present their first research projects to the class. The students worked diligently on their slides and put together some very well-researched projects. I am looking forward to their presentations! Then, we will begin Topic 4: Ancient India. We will start off learning about the civilizations of the Indus River Valley, and then we will move forward in history a bit to learn about India’s Vedic Age.

7th Religion

This week we will continue to study the work of the Holy Spirit. We will learn about staying strong in our faith, what the term Church really means, and why we have so many different denominations in Christianity. The memory verse this week is Acts 4:12. The quiz is on Wednesday.

7th Social Studies

Last week we focused on the events that led to American independence from Britain, and this week we will study exactly how our nation earned that independence- both on and off the battlefield.

8th Religion

Before Thanksgiving, we started talking about the early days of Joshua’s leadership, specifically the spy mission to the Promised Land. This week we will continue the story learning about how Rahab made a difficult decision to help the Israelite spies, and the Battle of Jericho. On Friday. the students will work on the Unit 2 Review. The test on Unit 2 will be on Tuesday, December 6th. The memory verse for this week is Galatians 3:13. The quiz is on Friday, instead of Thursday.

8th Social Studies

This week the students will review for their test on Topic 10. The test will be on Thursday, December 1st.