Math 6

This week students will learn about rational numbers.  They will learn how to classify them,  order them, as well as about their opposites and absolute values.  At the end of the week, in class, we will be working on creating a rational numbers poster that will sort numbers into 3 groups (whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers).  All directions pertaining to this project can be found on the google classroom.


Math 7

Students recived a quiz review sheet on Friday to help guide their studying for their first quiz, which will be on Monday, 9/20.  Following the quiz, students will start working on creating a digital integer time-line.  Students will have about 3 days to complete this project in class.  All directions pertaining to this project will be posted on the google classroom.  This week we will also be exploring multiplication and division of positive and negative numbers.



Math 8 (Pre-Algebra)

This week students will learn how to simplify non-perfect square roots in simpliest radical form.  They will also learn how to solve square root and cubed root equations.  There will be a quiz on the above mentioned topics on Thursday, 9/23.  We will start reviewing for our first unit test on Friday.  The Unit test will be Monday, 9/27.




This week students will explore how to solve consectutive integer problems.  They will also learn how to transform literal equations.  We will start reviewing for our first test on Wednesday, 9/22.  The first exam will be on Chapter 2 on Friday, 9/25.  It covers 2 step eqations, multi-step equations, variables on both sides, consecutive integer problems, and transforming literal equations.


Reminders and Important Dates

Back to School Night:  Thursday, 9/23 via zoom.  K to 5 will be from 6:30 – 7:30.  Middle School will be from 7:30 to 8:30.  The front office will send out the link when the date gets closer.

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