Math 6

This week we continuing with our coordinate graphing chapter.  We have learned about the parts of the coordinate plane, quadrants, x and y axis, plotting points, and how to find the distance between points.  The test on this chapter will be on Friday, 1/19. Use the packet and review sheet that we completed in class to guide your studying.



This week we will be continuring with our next chapter on solving systems of equations.  We will be learning how to solve them using graphing and substitution methods.  The quiz on graphing and substitution will be on Wednesday, 1/17.  The rest of week we will focus on the last method, elimination.


This week we are starting a new chapter on Polynomials.  We will be learning how to write polynomials in standard form, how to add, subtract, and multiply them.

Important Dates

No School:  Monday, 1/15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].