Welcome to Mrs. Flomer’s notes. Here’s a look at what we will be doing this week:

Reading- We will begin the first lesson in our Reading series this week. We’ll read the story “Nat and Sam”. The children will bring home the story on Wednesday to read again at home. The book should be returned to school on Friday. There will be a homework sheet(s) coming home each night which will reinforce the concepts taught in class. At the end of each weekly lesson there will be Reading and Spelling tests. The tests will be given this Friday. I will give more information about the tests later this week.

Spelling- A spelling list will go home at the beginning of each week, and the children will write the words 3 times each in their “S” book by Wednesday. We wrote the first 2 words in our “S” books in class today. The words for this week are: man, nap, cat, can, tap, hat, not, does. The high frequency (“R” notebook) words are: does, not, school, what.

The “R” notebook has new sight words in it each week from the story we are reading in class, and the children should review the words nightly so they can read them fluently. They do not write in their “R” books and it should be returned to school on test day. Two of the “R” book words will be on the spelling list weekly (“does” and “not” this week).

Phonics- We will focus on ending sounds, rhyming, high frequency words, and middle consonants.

Math- Chapter 2- Subtraction strategies

Social Studies- Rights and Responsibilities

Science- Animal Behavior

Weekly Reader- Falling for Leaves

Thank you to all who sent in the party/craft money last week. Please send it in by the end of this week if you have not already done so. Our first celebration will be Pumpkin Day which we will celebrate on October 31st.

I am working on arranging a field trip for our class, but we need to have a driver with a CDL license to drive our Trinity bus, and a hired bus/driver is very costly. I will keep you posted.

If you have any questions or concerns, continue to reach out to me through Class DoJo or email [email protected]