Happy February and Happy Black History Month!

This week, 6th and 7th grade will be finishing up their novels.  We will discuss theme and create an I Am Poem based on the characters of the book.  Once completed, we will take a 2 day test on the novel.  The test involves: conflict, characterization, plot, quotes and an essay.  The students should review from their question packets that they were advised to keep!  If they have been following along with the book in class, they should be fine!  There are movie versions of the books we will check out and compare and contrast if time allows!

8th grade has finished the book and the theme work.  Next week they will take the test and we will experience The Outsiders come alive for us in film.

With it being Black History month, I have some up and coming projects for the students to display at the assembly we will have later in the month.

Any questions, please reach out!