April’s showers bring May’s flowers.  Last week, we discovered ladybugs, umbrellas and letter Uu.  As we welcome the lovely month of May, we will learn more about the different types of flowers and how they grow.  We will discuss letter Zz and learn that the zinnia flower plant name begins with Zz.  We will open our own pretend flower shop in our dramatic play center and learn about the parts of a flower.  Our science experiment will be to turn white carnations many colors using water colored with food coloring.  We will observe as water travels up the stem of the flower to change the color of the petals.  We will also create a 3D number line using flowers, count flowers and sort them by color as a math activity.  Our stories this week will include a number of colorful books on flowers including, “The Tiny Seed,” by Eric Carle.  Our Faith Alive religion lesson this week is “God Cares For The Flowers.”  It should be a beautiful first week of May filled with beautiful May flowers.  Let’s hope for some May sunshine as well to go with all those May flowers!

Upcoming dates to remember…

  • May 5:  WINGO at 6 pm
  • May 12: Special Person’s Day
  • May 24: Professional Development Day for all and No School for ECC
  • May 26 & May 29: No School Memorial Day
  • May 29: Memorial Day Parade at 9am
  • June 2: Trinity’s ECC Annual Picnic
  • June 12:  Nursery Closing Program and Last Day of School