Hello everyone and welcome to the first week of the 2021-2022 school year! I am so excited to get to know everyone!

This week we begin with Theme 1 Unit 1 in our Big Day curriculum with the theme My School. We will read My New School, Owen, The Kissing Hand, and Annie, Bea, and Chi Chi Dolores. Our vocabulary words will be: class, name, teacher, and school. We will play a name game to get to know each other’s names. 

For math we will learn red, circle, and the numbers 0 and 1. We will also begin an introduction to patterns.

For science we will learn the parts of an apple: skin, flesh, stem, core, pip (seed). And we will be able to examine them with magnifying glasses at our science table. 

We will also spend time learning the rules for school, rules for playground safety, and fire drill safety.

For Jesus time this week we will begin an introduction to Jesus and learn how much he loves us. We will sing “Jesus Loves Me”, and “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. For the month of September we will recite the Johnny Appleseed prayer for snack and lunchtime: “Oh the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me, the things I need, the sun, and the rain, and the appleseed. The Lord is good to me. Johnny Appleseed! Amen (clap, clap)

On Monday there will be a pizza envelope in your child’s folder that you can fill out and send back by Wednesday if you would like your child to have pizza on Friday.

Our specials this week will be Art with Mrs. Kerwin on Tuesday, and Gym with Mr. Mallon on Wednesday.

Please download the Class Dojo app as soon as possible for easy communication and lots of pictures!

Have a wonderful, blessed first week!