Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! We will have off from school Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving break.

Our theme for this week in our Community unit is “Things That Move”. Our vocabulary words are: driver, passengers, safety, traffic, transportation, travel, and vehicle. We will read I am Your Bus, Carlo Likes Counting, and Dig Dig Digging

For math we will learn the number #11 and practice patterns. 

For Jesus time we will continue to be thankful with stories about Samuel and David and Jonathan. The story about Samuel will remind us to be thankful for school, and the story of David and Jonathan will remind us to be thankful for friends. We have also learned 2 thankful songs.

Our letter this week is Ii. We will read “Inky Inchworm” and sing an I song. We will practice writing the letter I and make an I is for icicle craft.

This week we will learn about corn, and make a corn project. We will use our 5 senses when we put a corn cob in the microwave to pop. 

Please be reminded that we will be having our Thanksgiving Feast this Wednesday in the classroom. We will also watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, one of my favorites.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, blessed Thanksgiving!