Good Morning! I hope you all remembered to spring ahead!!!

This week we will be learning the letter Rr. We will be focusing on the colors of the rainbow and continue to review shapes, letters, and numbers. We will also be talking about St. Patricks Day and shamrocks. Maybe we can catch a leprechaun!!! They always get away those little rascals.

For religion we will be learning about Noah’s Arc and St. Patrick.

We will have a party in our classroom on Thursday  3/16 so be sure to WEAR GREEN and if anyone would like to send in some goodies please let me know on DOJO.


Friday 3/16: Our class will celebrate St. Patricks Day…wear green and we will have our party.

Thursday 4/4: Easter program more info to follow.

Easter break starts Thursday April 4th-Friday April 14th.

Happy Sunday!

Miss Mary and Miss Punam