Creations for the month of November ~

ECC classes created Coffee Filter Turkeys, finger printed Indian Corn and started hand painting their Baby Jesus Nativity Scenes.

Kindergarten enjoyed a unit on Color Theory learning about Primary, Secondary and the Cool and Warm colors of the Color Wheel.  The class added different types of lines and cool and warm colors to their project entitled Cool Moon/Hot Sun. They will begin drawing their Nativity Scenes at the end of the month.

Gr. 1 learned about space and perspective then used oil pastels to draw a beautiful poppy scene picture from the movie The Wizard of Oz.  The First graders also started on their Tissue Paper Advent Wreaths.

Gr. 2 created Construction Paper Collage Wild Thing Creatures based on M. Sendak’s book Where the Wild Things Are. They’ll be sponge painting Christmas Poinsettias in pinks and beautiful shades of red and light green.

Gr. 3 created surreal drawings based on the art of J. Miro. They created harvest colored mats woven from construction paper strips and will start their Christmas lesson on drawing The Annunciation.

Gr. 4, 5, 6 & 7 will continue classes after Thanksgiving due to Veterans Day, P/T conferences and the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Gr. 8 started their Christmas Word Art drawings using oil pastels.  This project demonstrates how to use highlights to show reflection and the glow of bright lights.

Art Elective made a crayon resist by tracing their hands at different angles, adding textured patterns to the hands using oil pastels and painting a watercolor wash over the entire paper.

Keep Creating and a Very Blessed Thanksgiving to All!

Mrs. E. Kerwin