This Week in Art:

ECC Classes will be making a SHEEP to coincide with their Unit on Farm Animals.  This project gives the students lots of practice using their fine motor skills as they color and glue the different parts of the sheep.

Kindergarten:  The class will be very busy coloring in their Autumn Scene drawings and gluing little crumbles of fall-colored tissue paper onto their trees.

Gr. 1:  Our First graders will finish up their Rainbow Fish watercolor and enjoy sprinkling glitter onto the fish’s scale.

Gr. 2:  The Second grade will be coloring in their Fall Activity drawings this week.

Gr. 3:  The class will finish coloring their Favorite Family memory and start drawing patterns for the quilt-like outline.

Gr. 4:  Grade Four will finish up their Construction Paper Collages this week.

Gr. 5:  The Fifth graders will be gluing all sorts of assemblage items onto their Candy Corn Characters this week.

Gr. 6:  Our Sixth graders will enjoy a lesson on foreshortening as they start drawing a figure falling from something or somewhere.

Gr. 7:  The Seventh grade class will start a lesson on creating silhouettes with watercolor and black tempera paint.

Gr. 8:  This class will learn about the Norwegian artist Edvard Munsh and his painting “The Scream.”  The students will create a drawing showing a figure who is afraid                        of something.  This lesson focuses on our phobias and expressionism in drawing.

Elective:  This week we will add a paper mache’ coating to our 3D letters.

Keep Creating and Enjoy Your Week!

Mrs. E. Kerwin