Happy New Year!!!

This Week in Art:

ECC ~ A Snowy Day (our youngsters will recreate the scene of Peter’s adventures in the snow) based on the book by E. J. Keats.

Kindergarten ~ After watching the read aloud book video Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright and Stephen Gilpin the class will create their own Snowman collage using torn and cut construction paper.

Gr. 1 ~ Our First graders will be drawing their own rendition of Snowmen at Night based on the book by Carolyn Buchner.

Gr. 2 ~ Students will be using the elements of art to paint a Winter Tree Snow scene.

Gr. 3 ~ Students will be drawing and painting a winter scene of birch trees.

Gr. 4 ~ Fourth graders will watch a slideshare presentation of American artist  Norman Rockwell.  This will culminate in the students creating an original drawing of an American celebration or everyday activity.

Gr. 5 ~ After analyzing several examples of optical illusion art the class will create their own Optical Illusion Tunnel drawings.

Gr. 6 ~ Sixth graders will take a virtual field trip to see the African Brilliance Exhibit at the Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State Univ., PA.  The students will then choose to recreate their own original type of African art form.

Gr. 7 ~ Students will learn how to draw correct face proportions as they create their own Split-face Self Portrait (one half is reality and the other half uses symbols to depict the student’s inner self or personality).

Gr. 8 ~ Eighth graders will learn the Principles of Design by analyzing a photo. For their assignment they will each take their own photo depicting one of several art prompts they have been given.  Some examples of the prompt titles are:  Old with the New, An Awakening, A Tight Squeeze, and Patterns in Nature.  They will analyze their photo and describe the elements of art & principles of design and how they relate to the photo they have taken.

Keep Creating and Keep Safe!


Mrs. E. Kerwin