The Next Two Weeks in Art

Our ECC classes will be finishing up this school year by making a bird’s nest out of paint and assorted assemblage materials.  I wish all my ECC classes a fun Closing Program and enjoyable, safe Summer!

Next week the Kindergarten class will be starting their Ice Cream Cone Collage ~ a yummy and creative way to end the school year!  For the next two weeks the First Graders will be doing some Step-by-Step drawing classes on how to draw different kinds of bugs, underwater sea animals and sandcastles.  Second Grade will take a church tour to find as many different kinds of crosses as they can.  Who will be the winner and find the most crosses?  At the end of the tour the students will get a chance to find their favorite cross and sit down to sketch it.  The Third Grade enjoyed their tour last week of Trinity’s beautiful stained glass windows.  This week they will start designing their own stained glass and color them in with oil pastels. Fourth graders are continuing on with their lesson in figure drawing this week.  Some students will get a chance to model for the rest of the class.  For their final project the Fifth grade will get a chance to create a drawing from some spilled paint.  Yes, you heard correctly, they will create a picture just like the psychological interpretation ink blot tests that Rorschach used on his subjects for psychological evaluation. 

The Sixth Grade class will learn about the artist Leonardo DaVinci and his many endeavors.  They will get a chance to think of their own device or invention and create some sketches to highlight its main functions.  Seventh Grade continues to work on their Circle Cities, drawing in one point perspective.  Eighth graders will enjoy a lesson on architecture and the skills needed to pursue this career.  Our Art Elective class has started  a new project on using warm and cool colors as well as patterns to create a design with the outline of their hand.  Stay tuned….

Keep Creating,

Mrs. Kerwin