Hello Parents! It was so nice meeting with you and your children last week during your welcome visit. Mrs. Gonzalez and I are so excited to begin the school year!

The curriculum we follow in ECC is Big Day for Pre-K. Within this curriculum, there are 8 themes for the whole school year. This week, we will begin with the first theme called “Ready for School.” The first topic within this theme is “My School.” BIG Idea: I am getting to know my school. Knowledge Focus: Children learn the expectations, routines, and behaviors of school. Social-Emotional focus: Cooperation. The theme vocabulary words include: class, school, name and teacher. Math vocabulary include: next, pattern and repeat.

As a class, we will focus on getting to know one another, explore our classroom, discuss our daily class schedule, and learn the rules for the classroom as well as for the playground.

We will be learning the color red, circle and number 1. We will be reading the books “My New School”, “The Kissing Hand”, “Owen” and “Annie, Bea and Chi Chi Dolores”. We will sing some songs your children might be familiar with already such as the Alphabet Song. The concept of counting will also be introduced as well as a new welcome song. We will also read the Scholastic weekly reader “School Feelings” on Friday.

We will begin to learn about Jesus this week and discuss how Jesus loves us. The children will also learn a song called Jesus Loves Me, which we will be singing throughout the course of the year. Our bible verse this year is “Walk as children of light”. We will discuss how we should not be afraid of the light because Jesus is always with us. We will also recite our Johnny Appleseed prayer before snack and lunch time.

For the month of September, we will be discussing apples! We will observe the different colors apples come in, different ways apples can be eaten, and even take a deeper look at the inside of an apple at our Science table. As a class craft, the children will be making an apple name basket that will be displayed outside of our classroom and posted to Classdojo.


Art: Wednesday from 10:40 – 11:20

Gym: Thursday from 9:57 – 10:37

I will be sending homework packets out on Monday which will be due that following Monday.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me on our Class Dojo app or via email at atodisco@trinityli.com. All communications from me will be posted on Class Dojo.

Have a wonderful week! 🙂