Hello Parents! I hope everyone stayed warm during this especially cold weekend. Please continue to complete the daily attestations every morning before coming to school.

We are going to continue following the Big Day curriculum book and the theme “Awesome Animals!” and starting the fourth and last unit which is called “Animals Grow and Change”. BIG Idea: Animals grow and change just like me. Knowledge Focus: Children learn about life science through the exploration of animals and animal life cycles. Social-Emotional focus: Attention. The theme vocabulary words include: adult, baby, change, develop, grow, growth and stage. Math vocabulary words include: after, before, during, today, tomorrow and yesterday.

We will be learning the letter Pp and #18. We will be reading the books “Butterflies!”, “Over in the Meadow” and “Dora’s Eggs”. We will read the “Slip Sliding on Ice” Scholastic Weekly reader book.

For Jesus time, we will be discussing the daily themes throughout the Lutheran Schools Week. Monday’s focus question is how can we serve, following in Jesus’ footsteps? The students will draw ways that they can serve following in Jesus’ footsteps. Wednesday’s focus is serving together on God’s team. Students will watch local and national news clips of young people who have helped to make a difference. We will also have Chapel via zoom at 2:00 pm.

As a class craft, the children will be doing P is for “Pom Poms”. They will be gluing different color pom poms onto their letter P for their ABC book. We will also be doing a snowman craft in which students will construct their own snowman and decorate it as they see fit in regards to the book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert.


Art: Wednesday from 10:30-11

Gym: Wednesday from 12:50-1:10

Critter Room: Every other Friday 9:30-9:45

Upcoming Important Dates:

Friday, January 29th- School Closed- ECC Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, February 12th- ECC wear red day

Monday, February 15h – Friday, February 19th – School Closed for Winter Recess

I will be sending home homework packets on Monday which will be due back the following Monday. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me on our Class Dojo app or via email at atodisco@trinityli.com. All communications from me will be posted on Class Dojo.

Have a wonderful week! 🙂