We are in the middle of our first trimester. Here’s what’s going on:

Reading: Red table groups. We will be exploring cause and effect and strategies that make a good reader.
Spelling: Compound words. Test Friday.
Vocabulary: Unit 4, blue book
Grammar: Appositives, review unit 2.

Math: Review ch 4. Quiz-Wed. Test-Thur.

SS: Native American model project due 11/4. Ch 2: Age of Exploration.
Science: Lesson 4 and 5, unit 1. Daily science week 1 google classroom

Religion: We will be exploring The Giving Tree and discussing how God gave us everything when he sent Jesus to die on the cross so we can be forgiven for our sins. Devotions each morning, Chapel Wed.

Please send your student with a charged up chromebook each day.
We will be changing for gym Monday and Wednesday.
Please sign and return your student’s Work Back Wednesday folder on Thursday.
Please read abd respond to your student’s Friday Journal on Friday.
Thanks for all you do. Your children are smart, caring, and funny.
Have a great week.
Mrs. Lively