It’s a fast week…..

ELA: Reading: Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key book report
Class read of Ways To Make Sunshine.
Grammar: Verbs, helping and main, tenses. Quiz Tuesday
Writing: Finish imginative narrative. Journal writing
Math: Ch 4: Multiply Decimals. Quiz 12/3. Test 12/6
Science: STEM activity: Protect a Pilgrim
SS: Scholastic News
Religion: Thankful verse pumpkins, Books of Old Testament.
Wednesday we will be walking at recess to raise money for Long Island Cares.
Wednesday we will be watching the movie WONDER. After reading the book last summer, students are anticipating the movie.
Thank you for coming to parent-teacher confereneces. It was wonderful to talk to everyone in person.
Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. I am thankful to have such creative, bright, fun students.
Mrs. Lively