I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Joke of the Week: What do you call an illegally parked frog?

Song of the Week- In the House by Crowder

Language Arts- This week we will continue Unit 8 of our Wonder’s series. Our essential question is, What do you know about our country? & we will read, Ana Goes to Washington D.C. We will learn sight words – what & this and we will focus on the letters Yy & ZZ and their sounds. We will continue to determine the missing sounds in CVC words, count how many words in a sentence and read in small groups and have reading homework. We will continue to review all the different word families and in grammar, we will learn about prepositions, telling where something is. Ex. The book is next to the lamp.

Language Arts Centers- This weeks centers will be reading and CVC words.

Math- This week we will continue Module 12– Put Together and Take Apart Within 10.

Math Centers- We will do addition and subtraction problems.

Jesus Time- We will read about Jesus’s time back on Earth after he rose from the dead.

Science: This week will learn about seeds and keep and eye on our seeds that we planted on Friday! We will continue to water them and keep them by the sun to help them grow!

Answer: Toad!

Have a great week!