I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! We have a short but eventful three days ahead!

Joke of the week: Why do turkeys eat so little?

Language Arts- This week we will review the sight words we have learned thus far and have fun with a game of sight word bingo. We will continue opening our lessons by blending words (for example, /j/ /am/ equals jam or /c/ /a/ /t/ = cat) and listening for the first sound in words.  The story we will read is called “I Love Bugs” and our vocabulary words are curious and observe. We will practice writing sentences with some Thanksgiving sentences and when we write our sentences we will make sure our first letter is uppercase, we use finger spaces, and end each sentence with a period. This week we will also partake in multiple Thanksgiving crafts and activities to get us in the spirit of Thanksgiving!

Language Arts Centers- This weeks center will include beginning sounds.

Math- This week we will being Module 5 Add To and Take Away From Within 5.

Jesus Time- We will continue to enjoy Ms. Vollono’s children bible and the stories they hold!

Social Studies: This week we read about being thankful and discuss how we each celebrate.

Song of the Week: Thankful by Juicebox Jukebox

Answer: Because they are always stuffed.

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!!