I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Can’t believe we are stepping into November!

Joke of the week: What is the most musical vegetable?

Language Arts- This week we will begin Unit 2 in our Wonders series. Our essential question is: How do tools help us explore? We will be opening our lessons by blending sounds together and adding sounds to the beginning of words. We will read “The Handiest Things in the World” and “Discover with Tools”. While reading we will make connections between the tools we see and how we use some of them in our everyday lives; and the two vocabulary words we will learn are: tools and discover. We will review the letter sound Pp, Mm, Aa, Ss and our new sights word will be “a” and “in”. In grammar, we will begin learning about Verbs (action words).

Language Arts Centers- We will continue with language arts centers, Wednesday and Fridays we will work in small groups to reinforce what we are learning throughout the week! This week our centers will focus on beginning sounds.

Math- This week we will continue in Unit 1 Count Sequence and Numbers to 5: Module 3- Matching and Counting Numbers to 5 and our test will be on Thursday 11/3.

Quick Math– We will begin math centers this week as well. Those will take place on Tuesday and Thursday. We call it “Quick Math” because it is a quick review of what we have been learning throughout the week.

Jesus Time- We will continue to enjoy Ms. Vollono’s children’s Bible and watch videos to retell us the story we read!

Science: This week we will dissect a pumpkin, feel the pulp, learn what we can do with the seeds and complete a pumpkin scholastic!

Song of the Week: When We Pray by Tauren Wells.

Answer: The beet!

Have a wonderful week!