Welcome back to a new week! Here are the updates for my classes.

6th Religion

This week we are studying the events that started Jesus’ ministry, including being tempted in the wilderness, and calling the 12 Disciples. Later this week the students will begin research projects on each of the disciples. They will present them in class next week. The memory verse for this week is Matthew 4:19-20, which ties into our 12 Disciples theme.

6th Social Studies

The students will have their test on Topic 8: The Roman Empire on Tuesday. Then, we wills tart our last unit of the year, Medieval Europe.

7th Social Studies

This week we are continuing to learn about the U.S. before the Civil War. Early this week we will focus on the cotton industry and how it affected enslaved people, as well as the lives of free African Americans. Then, we will learn about the early women’s rights movement and American culture in the1800s. On Friday, we will begin reviewing for the test on Topic 7, which will be the last test before the final exam. The test on Topic 7 will be on Wednesday, May 25th.

8th Religion

In eighth grade religion we are focusing on the prophecies about Jesus, and then His birth. The memory verse for this week is Luke 2:11, which ties into the theme for this week.

8th Social Studies

The students will have their test on Topic 14, World War II, on Tuesday, May 17th. Then, we will begin our final unit on Postwar America. We will study the early days of the Cold War, the Korean War, life in the 1950s, and we will finish with the Civil Rights Movement.