Welcome to a new week! Now that we’ve adjusted to being back in school, we are full steam ahead with work, quizzes, tests, and research projects. Here are the updates for this week. Scroll down to find your child’s class.

6th Religion

The overarching theme of the lessons this week is the fact that even though we all sin, and not one of us is worthy of God’s love, He still loves us and provides for us. We will finish the lesson we began on Cain and Abel, then move on to Noah and the Great Flood. Later in the week, we will begin studying the Tower of Babel, which reminds us that we should always put God before ourselves. The memory verse for this week is Romans 5:10, which is on page 11 of the student workbook. This was also posted last week on the Google Classroom. The quiz will be on Wednesday.

6th Social Studies

Last week, we studied the very first humans and all that it took to merely survive. This week, we are looking at the early cultures and civilizations once people were able to settle in one place and began to farm. A major source of cultural clues from the ancient world comes from the cave paintings in Lascaux, France. The students will be making their own 2021 versions this week. The first chapter test is tentatively in two weeks.

7th Social Studies

Seventh grade social studies will be a bit all over the map this week, literally. We will first finish up learning about the Native American culture groups that developed in North America, and then we will move on to learn about European, African, and Asian trade networks and cultural influences on early exploration. Finally, we will wrap up the chapter with a lesson on European exploration of the Americas- the good, the bad, and everything in between. The first chapter test is tentatively Friday, September 24th. I will post a study guide next week.

8th Religion

In eighth grade religion this week, the theme is putting God first and trusting only in Him. We will finish our lesson on the Great Flood, and then move on to the Tower of Babel. Later in the week, we will start a series of lessons on Abram/Abraham. The lesson this week focuses on the promises God made, and kept, to Abraham. The memory verse for this week is 2 Corinthians 10:17-18, which is on page 13 of the student book, and it was posted on the Google Classroom last week. The quiz will be on Thursday.

8th Social Studies

Last week, the lessons focused on all the events and poor decisions that led to the outbreak of the Civil War. This week we will get into the actual battles and how people were affected. To start the week, the students will be doing research on different Civil War leaders and deciding if they should be considered a hero, or a villain. Then we will study the early battles of the war. The last lesson this week will focus on the effects of the Emancipation Proclamation, how African Americans served in the Civil War, and how the war affected civilians. The Civil War test is tentatively in two weeks.