This is a big week for all of the social studies classes- each has their first chapter/topic test of the year. Each class has begun to review, and they are all looking forward to playing Jeopardy this week. The study guide for each class will be linked below.

6th Social Studies

Sixth grade’s test on Topic 1 will be on Tuesday, October 5th, and you may view the study guide here. On Wednesday, we will begin studying the world’s oldest civilization, Mesopotamia. On Friday, the students will learn to write as the Mesopotamians did- on wet clay tablets with a wooden stylus!

6th Religion

Last week we studied Abraham and his son Isaac, and this week we will be studying Isaac’s son, Jacob. The memory verse this week is Psalm 121:8, which was posted on the Google Classroom shortly after the students took their last memory quiz.

7th Social Studies

Seventh grade’s test on Topic 1 will be on Wednesday, October 6th. You may view the study guide here. The next chapter/topic will get into European colonization of the Americas. On Thursday, we will start with the Spanish colonies.

8th Social Studies

Eighth grade will have their test on Topic 8: The Civil War Era on Tuesday, October 5th. You may view the study guide here. We will next get into the Reconstruction Era. On Friday, the students will begin group research projects on each of the conspirators involved in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, They will present their projects in class next week.

8th Religion

This week we will continue to study the life of Abraham’s son, Isaac. The students will receive the outline for their Trimester 1 Project, Tough Times Toolkit. In this project, they will have to choose a common problem faced by people their age, and then create a Bible-based strategy to help overcome this issue. The memory verse for this week is Jeremiah 29:11.