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Welcome to a new week! May our days be blessed.


Language Arts-Spelling Test Thursday, 10/21

We will read Henry and Mudge in our Journeys and discuss the sequence of events

Spelling Words include sad, dig, jam, glad, list, win, flat, if, fix, rip, kit, mask, as, his, sandwich, picnic

High frequency sight words for this week include: around, be, five, help, next, or, pull, take, until, walked

Grammar Goal: understanding what a simple sentence consists of (subject/predicate)

Phonics Focus: short vowels a and i and CVC syllable patterns

Writer’s Workshop: We continue to learn about the steps of the writing process and learn why authors write. We will write sentences about our family this week and read friendly letters from Mrs. Ryan within our daily morning message


Math-Chapter 1 –First Test Thursday, 10/21

Problem Solving Tens and Ones

Counting Patterns to 100 and 1,000


Social Studies-Chapter 1 Continued

Different Kinds of Families

Vocabulary: extended family, generation, immigrant, traditions, ancestors, guardian, citizen

Family Book (our timelines, family photos, family trees, family writing…)



Observation and Using Our Five Senses

Curiosity Wheel



Basic strokes will be reviewed as we write manuscript letters  A a, D d, C c, E e

Keys to legibility are size, shape, spacing and slant! Handwriting is important and strengthens our fine motor skills!



We continue to talk about the Bible. What are characteristics of the Bible? What are the books of the Bible?

Old and New Testament

What is prayer? Words to help guide us as we pray include praise, thank, sorry, please . Our “Prayer Leader” will keep these words in mind as he/she leads us in prayer each morning.

We will add The Lord’s Prayer to our prayer journals

Prayer Box project

Chapel Wednesday morning


Important Information and News:

Please sign and return Spelling tests. Social Studies student timelines are due back on Monday as well.

Kindly send in a family photo this week if you have not done so already.  Each second grader will be assembling a “family book.”

Please send in $15 to cover the cost of a simple snack/drink/craft for this year’s celebrations if you have not done so already. This will allow our class mom, Mrs. Shannon, to purchase party items.  Our first celebration will be our fall/pumpkin party on Friday, October 29. Thank you to Mrs. Shannon! Mrs. Campbell sent in plates, napkins and cookies for our upcoming party so thank you for your donations!

Picture Day is this Thursday, Oct. 21.

*Please note*  There is no school on Friday, Oct. 22 due to Professional Development Day.

We have one parent who has volunteered to be a Mystery Reader! Thank you! Are YOU interested in becoming a MYSTERY READER? If so, please email me so we can set up a date and time for you to “Zoom in” and share a book with our class! We hope everyone will take part in this fun activity and spend some time with us!

• Please remember to send in extra masks for your son/daughter just in case a backup is needed!

• Uniform sweaters need to be labeled with your child’s name.

If ever you have a question or concern, please email me at aryan@trinityli.org.

Mrs. Antonia Ryan