Math 6

This week students will be reviewing for their first test.  The unit test covers whole number, integers, and rational numbers.  Students need to be able to find the opposite, absolute value and put these numbers in order.  There is a quiz on rational numbers on Tuesday, 9/28.  Use the review sheet to guide your studying.  On Thursday, 9/30 we will have our first unit test.


Math 7

Students will have a quiz on multipying and divding integers on Tuesday, 9/28.  Following the quiz, we will be exploring how to add and subtract rational numbers, which include positive and negative fractions and decimals.


Math 8 (Pre-Algebra)

Our first Unit test will be Monday, 9/27.  We reviewed on Friday.  Use the review sheet to guide your studying.  The rest of the week will focus on exponent rules and scientific notation.  Students will learn how to write very large and very small numbers in scientific notation.



The first exam will be on Chapter 2 on Monday, 9/27.  It covers 2 step eqations, multi-step equations, variables on both sides, consecutive integer problems, and transforming literal equations.  The rest of the week will focus on Chapter 3, Inequalities.  We will learn how to solve 2-step and multi-step inequalities.  We will then explore how to use these skills when solving word problems.


Reminders and Important Dates

October 1st:  Last day for uniform shorts.

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