Math 6

This week we will be learning how to solve 1 and 2 step equations.  There will be a quiz on Wednesday, 5/4 on solving 1 step equations.

Math 7

This week we still working on our probability unit.  This week we have a quiz on probability of compound events on Tuesday, 5/3.  We are also working on a probability project that will count as a test grade in class.  There will be a unit test on Friday, 5/6 on the entire probability unit.


This week we are finishing up our 3D Geometry Unit.  We have a quiz on finding the volume of cones, pyramids, and spheres on Wednesday, 5/4.  The rest of the week we will be reviewing for the unit exam, which will be the beginning of next week.


This week we are finishing our chapter on Statistics.  The unit exam for this chapter will be on Tuesday, 5/3.  The rest of the week will focus on pythagorean theorem and simplifying square roots.

Reminders and Important Dates

No School – May 26th and 27th

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