Pre- Algebra

This week we will be continuing with our chapter on solving equations.  There is a quiz on Tuesday, 11/1 on multi-step equations and equations containing fractions.  The rest of the week will focus on writing equations from word problems and consecutive integer problems.


This week we are learning how to graph linear equations using various methods such as, using a table, x and y intercepts, slope intercept form, and point slope form.  There is a quiz on these topics on Monday, 10/31.  Topics for the rest of the week include:  writing an equation of a line when given two points, linear regression, and graphing absolute value equations.

Reminders and Important Dates

Monday, 10/31- Wear orange in support of bullying prevention month.

Friday, 11/4 PTFA Movie Night 7:00 PM ($5 per person)  Hocus Pocus 2


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