Here’s a look at what we will be doing this week:

Spelling- The words for this week are: hop, log, hot, top, hog, lot, black, flip, they, do. As you can see, this new reading curriculum repeats some of the spelling words each week to reinforce and practice words already introduced. This is a big part of spelling in every day use, to retain the spelling of words learned. The spelling words should be written 3x each by Wednesday this week. The test is on Friday.

Phonics- short o and i sounds, rhyming words, blending sounds

Reading- We will read the story “Friends” this week. The children will bring home their readers and re-read the story at home before Friday’s reading test. The new words in our “R” book are: fun, they, make, too.
We will learn to put words in alphabetical order, and learn about/write personal narratives.

Math- chapter 3- adding 3 numbers

Religion- stories about The Passover and Crossing the Red Sea

Social Studies- My Government

Science- Our Skeleton

Weekly Reader- Pumpkins


We will have a Fall Pumpkin Party on Monday, October 31st. Thank you to our class moms and all who signed up to bring in an item for that day. It will be a dress down day, please have your child wear something orange.

The reading test will be read by the children from now on. I have been preparing them to read the test on their own, instead of me reading the sentences to them as I did for the first few tests.

I look forward to meeting with all of you in person at parent/teacher conferences on November 17th. More information will be given as the date gets closer.

Have a great week, and contact me if you have any questions or concerns.