Here’s what’s going on….

ELA: We are reading a great book titled: The Losers Club. It’s a story about a boy, his love of reading, and his growth when he tackles the trouble it causes. Reading will be done in class and at home. A novel study will be completed that will count as a test.
Writing: We are learning about tone and mood in writing and will begin exploring what expository writing is.
No spelling.
Math: Dividing fractions: Quiz Monday, 3/21. Test Tuesday, 3/22.
SS: CH 4: Life in the Colonies. Students have a colonial brochure project that will count as a test grade. Work will be done in class and at home. Due: 4/1
Science: Unit 3. Lesson 2 Earth’s Rotation and daily shadow patterns.
Religion: We have been discussing honesty.
Green day: Free dress down in green Thursday.
No school Friday.
Trimester ends 3/18: Please be sure all make up work is compelted and handed in Thursday.