We are winding down but still active:

Math: Getting Ready for Sixth Grade: Lessons 8-13
Reading: We are reading The Tiger Rising and will begin Lily’s Crossing.
We are working on Book Board book reports.
Writing: We are practicing paragraph writing.
S.S.: Invention Interview due Tues. 6/8. Ch 18: Good Times and Hard TImes. No test.
Science: We will be completing a number of STEM activities that will be graded. Hopefully your student will return home talking aoubt what they experienced in class.
Religion: ‘What does the Bible say about…?’ We will be exploring what God’s Word has to say about a variety of things.

Moving Up Ceremony: June 16th, 11:00am

Homework will be light. I hope these wonderful children can get outside for a while.
Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.
It has been a great year.
Mrs. Lively