Here’s what going on in fabulous fifth grade:

Math: Ch 2. Please study multiplication facts. It assists with division. We are completing ‘mad minutes’ in which students complete a page of multiplication in a certain amount of time to challenge themselves to get all correct. Ch 2 and 3 are both on dividing, including relating it to multiplication. There will be a quiz on both chapters 10/12 and test 10/13.
ELA: Wonder. Cloze and Quiz for each section. The class is really enjoing this book. Our discussions have been deep and meaningful.
There will be a final quiz for a grade next week.
Writing: We are praciting paragraph writing and will continue writing in our regular journals as well as our Positive Place journals.
Grammar: Complex sentences, Correcting Fraagments and run ons.
Vocabulary: Unit 3
Spelling: words that begin with O. Test Friday 10/7

Religion: We are finishing Character traits and will begin a unit on prayer.

S.S.: Ch 1. Totem pole project due 10/17
Science: Unit 1 : Web of Life. Test upon completion.

10/7 is the last day for uniform shorts.
We will start to change for gym on Wed, 10/5 Please be sure your student has his/her gym uniform.

Thank you for all you do. Have a wonderful week