Welcome to Mrs. Flomer’s class notes!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Here’s a look at what we will be doing this week!

Spelling- The words for this week are: yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen. The children will write their words 3x each for homework by Wednesday. There will be a Spelling test on Friday.

Phonics- We will focus on the sounds of short e, y, w, k, v, j.

Language Arts- adjectives

Reading: We will read the story Lucia’s Neighborhood . The children will bring home their Reading book to read the story again at home. There will be a Reading test on Friday. The “R” book words are: all, me, does, my, here, who. As usual, the vocabulary part of the test will have the “R” book words. The children should read Lucia’s Neighborhood and focus on what the pictures show, and the labels on the pictures in the story.

Math- We will finish chapter 2 on subtraction this week, and there will be a test on Thursday. Practice test will be given on Wednesday.

Social Studies- Our Neighbors

Weekly Reader- “Smile, It’s Autumn!”

Religion- book 1- Story of Abraham and Sarah; Isaac and his Sons

1AA News

Remember to send in your child’s pizza money by Thursday morning of each week.

Picture Day is October 22. Our time slot is 9 a.m. Please send in your order that day if you do not order online. Remote students may come in at that time to have their pictures taken. There will not be a group picture, but there will be a photo collage made with the individual pictures of all the students in our class.

Have a great week, and feel free to email me any time with questions or concerns: Jflomer@trinityhicksville.org