Mrs. Flomer’s School Notes for the week of June 6th.
It’s almost over! It is hard to believe that this is the last full week of school. The school year went by so fast! There will be a few more tests this week (ELA and spelling) and next week (math), as we wrap up the year.

The spelling words for this week are: even, open, begin, baby, music, paper, zero, table, below, tiger. There are only 10 words on this last spelling test, which will be given on Friday. No sentences due.

The last story in our reading series (lesson 30) is “Winners Never Quit” and the test will be given on Friday.

Benchmark tests will be administered over the next week and a half. There is no preparation for these tests, they are given to see what concepts the children grasped this year.

In Math, we will finish chapter 12 and have a test next Tuesday, June14th.

We will complete our Religion curriculum and also learn about different cultures in Social Studies.

We have been having so much fun with our Alphabet Countdown! This Tuesday is Sunglass Day, Wednesday is Toy Day (a small toy may be brought in), Thursday is Unicorn Day (teacher prepared) and Friday is Virtual Zoo Day (a virtual field trip).

Next week on Wednesday, we will have a Year End Party, and we will celebrate the children who have summer birthdays. If your child has a birthday on or after 6/15, please let me know what treat you would like to send in for our celebration. The summer birthday children are: Jace, Ryan, Mia, Madison, and Lucas. Some ideas are cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, fruit salad, italian ices, or whatever your child’s favorite snack is. Let me know by email what you would like to send in that day, it will be first come first served if we have requests for the same items. Thank you!

Blessings…Mrs. Flomer