Welcome to Elementary Spanish for the month of February.  Kindergarten Spanish will continue to review greetings and continue to go into directions in Spanish.. 1st grade Spanish we will continue to review the months in Spanish and days of the week. 2nd grade Spanish we will  review reading skills in Spanish and also review colors, numbers and days of the week in Spanish. 3rd grade Spanish they will review conversational Spanish and continue to practice sharing and information ( stating name, age..etc.). 4th grade Spanish they will continue conversation practice. We will also shift focus to reading and writing in Spanish. We will also begin to go into the gender of nouns and subject pronouns. 5th grade Spanish we will begin to review subject pronouns and conjugating regular verbs in Spanish. We also learn about el Dia de amor y amistad. Gracias y que Dios los bendiga, Thank you and may God bless you all