We are going on a safari! Last week we introduced the unit on safari and the kids loved it.  They are so excited to meet the animals and learn more about them this week. 

Since we missed last Monday, this week we will catch up on some of the things we didn’t get to cover.  We will continue learning about the safari and start exploring different animals that live in the grassland.  We will read “Safari Animals”, “SockFari”, and “Way Far Away on a Wild Safari”. 

We will read this week our Scholastic titled “Hop, Climb, Fly” and we will go on an insect hunt looking for bees and bugs in our own playground. 

We will continue practicing for our moving up ceremony and for Jesus time we will learn about Timothy.  

Upcoming Important Dates:
May 20 – Trinity PTFA WINGO Event
May 26 – ECC Family Day in the Park 10am – 1pm (Details to follow)
May 27 & 30 – Memorial Day No School
June 3 – Trinity Celebration Day (Details to follow)
June 10 – ECC Closing Program (Details to follow)
June 15 – ECC Last Day of School

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me through ClassDojo or via email sseemangal@trinityli.org. I wish everyone a happy and safe week.