It’s hard to believe that it is the last week of October! What a blessing it has been that everyone has stayed healthy and we have been able to continue coming to school. I truly love being in the classroom with the students. They bring me so much joy everyday!

This week we continue our unit on families with the topic “Family Fun”. We will read Celebrations, What Mommies Do Best/What Daddies Do Best, and Feast For 10. Our new vocabulary is: celebrate, holiday, and relatives. 

For math we will practice counting “How many are there?” We will also review #7, hexagon, and brown.

In religion we will also talk about families and learn about Jacob and Rachel having a baby that they prayed for. On Wednesday we will have chapel with Pastor Hopkins in our classroom.

Our letter of the week is Ee We will read “Enor Elephant” and learn a silly Ee song. We will make an E is for eyes project and practice writing the letter E.

We will also start learning about bats this week. We will learn the words: mammal, echolocation, and nocturnal. We will make a watercolor bat project.

Later in the week we will carve a pumpkin with our 5 senses, and make a fun skeleton project. Friday we will have a pumpkin party and some fun activities. 

Have a blessed, happy week everyone!